Erick Lindmark"Superb quality and brilliant organization overall. I very much appreciated that your colleagues kept track on all of us, from start to finish, so that no delegate slipped away from any dedicated session..."

Erick Lindmark, Managing Director, Fondtorg1 Global AB


Matteo Riccardi "The conference organisation was very good. I particularly appreciated the small groups' formula, which enabled all delegates to interact with both questions and exchanges of opinions. I found the topics extremely interesting particularly the fixed income strategies. I would definitely be interested to attend similar events."

Matteo Riccardi, Head of Securities Investment, Zurich Global Life Italia


Paulo Goncalves "It was very well organised and everything was very efficient and timely presented"

Paulo Goncalves, Coordenador Área de Activos Mobiliários, Banco Popular Portugal, S.A.


Olivier Mugnier "Close to perfect organisation - congratulations! We had access to managers during lunches and dinner"

Olivier Mugnier, Fund Selector, Banca Finnat Spa


Guiliano Anselmo "The organization was fantastic in any single aspect ranging from location to communication strategies straight from when I first received my invitation letter. Topics were very much interesting and all the fund managers/speakers introduced were extremely interesting. They analysed extremely valuable strategies."

Giuliano Anselmo, Manager Selection, Polaris Investment


Colin Vidal "Congratulations on a perfect event. The quality of participants and the organization were outstanding. Thank you"

Colin Vidal, VP research & Portfolio management (fund selection), Aforge Capital Management