Regina Borromeo

Regina joined Brandywine in December 2010, bringing with her 10 years of investing experience. Previously, she was a Vice President - Portfolio Manager and Senior Credit Analyst, Global Fixed Income with Morgan Stanley Investment Management PLC in London (2007-2010) and held various Fixed Income Analyst positions with Morgan Stanley Investment Management in Philadelphia (2001-2007).

Title: The Strategic way to generate attractive income in today's market

In a period of prospective inflationary pressures, lower global growth, and forced low historical rates in the developed bond markets, the search for yield has become more and more important. Legg Mason Global Asset Management is offering a globally diversified multi-sector fund that aims to provide clients with a consistent, high level of income while minimising downside risks.
Regina will explain how the Legg Mason Brandywine Income Optimiser Fund invests in a broad mix of debt securities globally to maximise income yield over the business cycle as well as making full use of derivatives to hedge against adverse market movements and manage credit, duration and currency risks. This global strategic fund may provide an attractive total return through the cycle.