Michael Kollo, PHD

Michael Kollo joined Renaissance as Head of Quantitative Research in 2012. Before assuming his current role, Michael was the manager for a Global Dividend Fund seeded by Fidelity International in 2011. The fund focused on producing active returns over an equivalent MSCI Index, with a systematic process based on selecting quality, cash-generative companies. Prior to Fidelity, Michael worked at Blackrock where he was a member of the Risk and Quantitative Group, which oversaw over $400 billion in active equity strategies across Global Equity, Global Emerging Markets and the European/UK businesses. Michael holds a Masters degree with honours from the University of New South Wales, and a PhD from the London School of Economics.

Title: Dividend Investing in Emerging Markets

Lower growth, higher volatility and a risk-averse landscape has brought dividend investing to the forefront with investors globally. While not an innovation in itself, dividend investing has not been in focus for investors for some time. It's been in focus for investors for some time. It's absence from a generation of finance professionals has led to a resurgence of interesting, but equally of misinformation about dividend investing. As we examine the myths of dividend investing, we focus our attention on a somewhat unlikely arena for cash-flow rich dividend investing: the emerging markets. We demonstrate that this arena, previously untouched by these strategies, offers a rich and diversified source of dividends for the smart investor.