Corrado Gaudenzi

Corrado, with 23 years of experience in the industry, is Head of the Quantitative Research team of Eurizon Capital, where, since his arrival in 1997, he has given an important contribution to the development of various investment strategies in the equity sector. Since May 2010 Corrado is fund manager of Eurizon EasyFund Azioni Strategia Flessibile and of other products that have the same investment strategy, overseeing 1.2 bln euros of assets under management. Previously Corrado worked for over 7 years in financial intermediary companies as quantitative analyst.

From an academic point of view, Corrado obtained his degree in Business Economics in 1989 from the University of Bologna. In the past years he has also been lecturer for various seminars valid to obtain the EFPA certification.

Title: Generating Equity-Like Returns with higher Sharpe Ratio and lower volatility

In a scenario of economic growth below historical average and real interest rates near zero, achieving positive real returns with a high Sharpe Ratio and below average equity volatility is our goal. A unique investment approach based on a disciplined flexible equity allocation and the selection of sustainable high dividend stocks are the key elements of Eurizon Easyfund Azioni Strategia Flessibile aimed at seizing the risk-adjusted opportunities offered by core equity markets.
Corrado Gaudenzi, Head of Quantitative Research of Eurizon Capital and Portfolio Manager of Eurizon EasyFund Azioni Strategia Flessibile (LU0497418391) will explain the sound fundamental pillars underlying the investment process that has consistently generated a high Sharpe Ratio of 1,06 and a Std. Deviation of only 7,80% in the last 3 years (data as at September 30th ). Corrado will then analyze how the strategy has delivered a consistent track record since inception and how it's expected to behave in the foreseeable market scenario.