Antonella Manganelli

Antonella joined Goldman Sachs Asset Management in 2009 and is currently a member of the Global Fixed Income Portfolio Management team, focusing on corporate credit. Prior to joining GSAM, Antonella spent four years with Morgan Stanley, where she worked in both their Investment Management and Private Wealth Management divisions. Antonella graduated from Bocconi University in Milan with a BA in Business Administration and Finance. She was awarded the CFA designation in 2009.

Topic: Be Flexible. Go anywhere

In an environment of record low interest rates and fragile economic growth, yield hungry investors face slim pickings - and serious risks. Investing in fixed income today requires a flexible and dynamic investment approach in order to weather the risk of potentially rising rates and increasing volatility. We believe that investors may benefit from seeking returns via a dynamic and unconstrained fixed income product that has the flexibility to look across the full range of fixed income opportunities, and allocate capital to fixed income sectors that offer attractive risk-adjusted return potential while limiting exposure to unattractive sectors and managing duration risk.